Learning a new language may not  be the most exciting experience for some students, as they might be required to learn the language through  uninvolving and ineffective learning techniques such as memorization, translating into their respective mother tongues, or doing rote grammar exercises. 
In this section we look at how music, movies, and games can enhance the learning experience  of your students. 
Ontesol reminder--Fun activities should not be used simply to make class time go by; they should function primarily as complements to well- considered lesson plans. Our ACTDEC and TESL Canada-accredited TESOL courses will train students in how to create fun and professional lesson plans. 



Bring Back the 90's



Conversation: Different uses of 'like'

Conversation: Inventions that have changed the world

Phrasal Verbs

Pronunciation game: Vowel or consonant sounds

Sentence Structure With Paper Airplanes


Wacky Tale


Listening Comprehension, Conversation, Tenses

‘Lost in Translation’- Discussion to practice 2nd conditionals

Passive Form with Toy Story

Quizzes Can Also be Fun!

Simple Future: What WILL happen in 2012?


Breaking The Ice

Making Student Presentations Fun











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